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Hospitals and physician offices trust Healthcare Management to help patients with their bills.

Hospital bills can be confusing for patients


Make your job easier with solutions tailored to you and your local community

Healthcare Management provides customized billing and collections for healthcare organizations.

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We understand business offices and finance departments in rural locations are often under-staffed and overburdened with work. Our employees are friendly to your patients and care about you as a client. And we know you don’t want to get into a contract you can’t get out of if things aren’t working for you, so we make that simple too.

Billing and collections made easy

Our solutions are designed for rural and community facilities looking to help their business office and finance departments become more efficient, while making patients happy with the billing and collections process.

"When I see our days in AR creeping up, Healthcare Management is our first call to help."
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"Thank you for being so helpful in making sense of my medical bills."
Patient at Grand River Health
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"Patients tell us all the time how friendly and quick the staff at Healthcare Management are to help them resolve their bills"
Patient Financial Services Director
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"Patients report Financial Counselors at Healthcare Management explain the bills clearly and help get payments resolved."
Business Office Manager
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